Company trip to KAMAKURA & YOKOHAMA

Let's go to the "HACHIOKA Shrine"
 Cool glasses!!  

Say cheese with the statue of buddha in Kamakura!
Wow ! Sexy women over there!

We got new employees! Ha Ha!

This is ENOSHIMA vintage train.
Here we go!
Enjoy riding the train

I like your smile.
Nice guys and Mt.Fuji is behind!

Elegant ladies

It's beautiful weather , you will see Mt.Fuji!

Walk to top of mountain in Enoshima island!

The nice ENOSHIMA view

"WASABI"lottery game
Are you sure?
Are you ready
If you get bingo WASABI
Your face will be like this Ha Ha!
Let him eat, Let him eat!


Yes WASABI.............

Night vew from hotel

Cool guys in YAMASHITA park

Beautiful flowers

You see a big bridge called "BeyBridge" behind
Wow very happy!

We are in love!
You see the shape of heart in Shadow!
 Let's go chaina town in Yokohama


Yummy Yummy Yummy!

You can see Mt.Fuji bitween those buildings and that is not usual.
We were so lukcy to see it, and be thankful for bringing us to this trip .

We expect next trip,and work hard.
Let me announce something important.
They are not gay.

Fat men!

Nice shiny smile!
Here is real co-workers
A Beautiful girl, A Handsome man, A Beautiful girl
and Beautiful sky! Yeah!!