50th Anniversary

The party in Toyoake city where we are placed

The speech of the president

The reception by beautiful co-workers

Cheers by the exectibe director
Perfect and delicious meal


Thank you for coming

There are kids of co-worker and very excited by tuna quiz!

Young co-workers , we are expect next 100th anniversary
50th anniversary and 50Kg tuna
Cut it for eat raw fish and "SUSHI"
The superstition
You will be genius as you touch the head of tuna.
Isn't it?

Say Cheese ! Say get fresh tuna!
Yeah! I got three SUSHI plates !

We got it too, and Say Cheese!
They are polishing balls made by mud.
These will be very shiny!!

What a lovely Brothers ! But! They will fight after back home Because younger bro smash the older bro's ball
What a shame!
 The most shiny ball and got the first prize

This is the second prize!
The shooting gallery!

I am a sniper!

What a sweet!
What an adorable !

What a cute even he cry!
A lottery event!

Hey! I think I got something!
He got what?

They got tickets for baseball game!
Dad!! I got an air cleaner machine!
What an adorable again
They got a vacum cleaner!
An air cleaner

The TV for first prize!!

These are commemorative souvenir.
A bag ,a water bottle , cake looks like a grinding stone and a shovel you can dig gold!
Thank you for coming
We deeply appreciated that have been supported by a lot of people such as customers, co-worker, their family, and more over!
We hope "AMANOKENMA",custmers and people surroud, will have great life with us.
Thank you